What is a priesthood blessing?

What is a priesthood blessing?

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we administer to the sick in the same way that the apostles of Christ did in the New Testament.

James 5: 14-15 “Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he has committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.”


The Priesthood Blessing

When someone is suffering from a physical illness, they may request that a priesthood holder gives them a blessing. This preferably involves two priesthood holders when available. One priesthood holder anoints the sick with oil and seals the anointing in the name of Jesus Christ. The other priesthood holder then states that they are acting by the authority of the holy Melchizedek priesthood and gives a blessing to the afflicted as directed by the Holy Spirit and then closes the blessing in the name of Jesus Christ.

Priesthood blessings are fulfilled according to the will of our heavenly father and the faith of the person receiving them. Blessings are not meant to replace medical care, as Paul taught “Faith without works is dead.” We are to do all that we can to become healthy and have faith that the Lord will heal us if it is his will.


The Hand of God in the Priesthood Blessing

The hand of God is present in the Priesthood Blessings. They are a way to relief pain from those who believe in God. The Priesthood hands are guided by God to make sure the persons are blessed with God’s will.


When to Ask for a Priesthood Blessing

Anybody who needs comfort or divine help from our heavenly father can request a priesthood blessing. They are there to guide every step of your way. If you are about to start a new endeavor, then it is a good time to ask for a priesthood blessing. You don’t need to be ill or in a major crisis to ask for a priesthood blessing.

When you feel lost in life, seek for priesthood guidance. He can give you advice on how to recover God’s way, as he provides you with the priesthood blessing. In such cases, the priesthood blessing is meant to enlighten your way as you walk through life. It is incredible how good and light you feel after a priesthood blessing.

Another reason to ask for a priesthood blessing is for those travelers who are about to start a long journey. A priesthood blessing is asked to ensure God keeps by their side along the way. You may ask for a priesthood blessing when you are making a big change or decision and looking for guidance. In fact, there are no rules, and whenever you want to feel closer to God, a priesthood blessing will help.


Testimonies and Results after a Priesthood Blessing

A priesthood blessing is a powerful tool to overcome the darkest times. It is also a good way to keep in mind how God is always with us. Many testimonials are showing the results after a priesthood blessing.

A clear example occurred in Arizona. Sarah Young Vance received a Priesthood Blessing, stating she would always do the best thing for her patients. And it proved useful, as Sarah, guided by the hand of God, delivered a thousand and a half babies to this world, without a single death. Over time, she had some severe cases, but they were all overcome because God was by Sarah’s side.

Other people have got out intact out of terrible accidents after a Priesthood Blessing. There are countless proofs of how God sits by the sad of the one who is blessed. Faith takes a significant part of it. Those who believe in him are blessed, and they will be protected against all wrong.


The Priesthood Blessing in your life

The priesthood blessing is a resource to reinforce your faith. You can make use of it whenever you feel the need of comfort. If you start a new path, or something of significance is about to change in your life, then a Priesthood Blessing will reinforce the greatest outcome under God’s will.

The Priesthood Blessing will take you to the path of good. It can empower you to do great things, and enlighten you to walk through the darkness. You get the wisdom to make the best decisions in your life. It is not a magical weapon. It is an important empowerment tool God has given us to endure the hardest tests to come, give us comfort and protect us from what is outside our hands.


How a Priesthood Blessing Works

When a priesthood holder gives a blessing they do their best to listen to the whispering of the spirit and let it work through them, to say the things that our heavenly father would say.

Priesthood blessings are fulfilled according to the will of our heavenly father and the faith of the person receiving them.

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