LDS Leaders Share Secrets to a Successful Welfare Program with President Trump

Today President Donald Trump met with the first presidency, president Russell M. Nelson, presiding Bishop Gérald Caussé, and General Relief Society President Jean B. Bingham. Church leaders gave the president a tour of welfare square and sat down to discuss religious liberty.

President Trump praised the LDS Church “The job you’ve done is beyond anything you could think of—180 countries, taking care of people.” This came about four months after the LDS church sent 50 semi-trailers of food as well as other supplies to Hurricane Harvey victims this past September. President Eyring informed Trump: “This is simply an example of what we do across the world, the idea being that we think we have an obligation to God to look out for the people who, without our aid, have tragedy in their lives, be it poverty or hunger.”

It’s no secret Trump has taken a strong stance on welfare reform. He has been working to pass policies which would require work for able-bodied adults and drug testing for food stamps. We hope that Trump was taking notes on the incredibly successful welfare program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints which provides necessities and modest comforts fo those in temporary need. The current US food stamps program allows users to go to a local grocery store and buy unnecessary items like chips and soda which have little to no nutritional value and contribute to the nations growing obesity epidemic.

After a tour of welfare square, church leaders shared doctrine with President Trump and thanked Trump for his efforts to protect religious liberty. Later that day in a speech at the Utah Capital Trump reinforced his support for religious liberty. “We will ensure the right of the people to live according to their faith in their hearts, which is why we will always protect your religious liberty.”

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