Why Banning Bump Stocks is a Waste of Time

Bump stocks are difficult to use and ineffective for mass shootings.

If you’ve ever bump fired a weapon or watched a how-to video you know just how difficult it is to bump fire a gun, never mind to it accurately and hit people. It would be extremely difficult to do so in a combat situation. Bump firing is mostly just a fun way to blow off steam and enjoy the feel of an automatic pumping against your shoulder

Criminals don’t follow gun laws

Criminals don’t follow gun laws anyway so even if bump stocks were effective, they defiantly wouldn’t be lining up to turn them in.

Just a PR Move…

I think we all know the ban against bump stocks was just a PR move to appease the left and uninformed concerned citizens. It’s a battle lost but if it helps Trump to secure another election in 2020 I will consider it worth it in the greater war to protect our 2nd amendment rights.



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