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Our Story

When I was on my mission, I saw someone with a bullet bottle opener and thought wow wouldn’t it be cool to have an oil vial that looked like a bullet. When I got home, I looked around and couldn’t find one anywhere. I first considered manufacturing my own in the fall of 2015, my roommate Mason was studying engineering so he drafted up the deigns and I got some quotes for manufacturing. I ended up getting really busy with school and dating and didn’t move forward right away but that was ok because I met my beautiful wife Lindsey. We got married and moved to Laie in August 2016 where I continue school at BYU Hawaii.

In the fall of 2016 BYU Hawaii was holding a n entrepreneurship competition called “The Great Ideas Competition”. My professor Brother Wait told me that I should enter a business and that’s when I remembered my oil vials idea. I showed him the design and he was really excited. I realized that if we were this excited about the product there had to be other people who would be interested too, so I started surveying students and teachers around my school. I was amazed how big the demand was for the product so product so I got it back on track and here we are today. Liberty is something I have always been passionate about so I am excited to share products that promote religious liberty with the world!